Cloackrooms… Something from the early days! From now on there is a simple, safe and efficient storage solution for your venue; ClubLockers!

ClubLockers are extremely customer friendly and easy to use. You will reduce employee costs and eliminate waiting ques. Besides that your venue has a better flow through of visitors, this has a positive effect on the image of the club and better revenues for you as owner of the venue. ClubLockers main goal is provide better service for your customers and fully automate your old cloackroom. With years of experience we can offer you the most secured customized lockers for your venue.


Our Clublockers are put together by hand and are made from steel. The ClubLockers are made in the Netherlands and are of high quality and of course hufterproof. The ClubLockers are made on the basis of years of (inter) national rental experience at festivals and events throughout Europe. We always try to keep production costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality, this is always our top priority.


The ClubLockers are custom made for your venue. In consultation with our accountmanager, you’re able to give your own touch to your new cloackroom storage solution. The ClubLockers not only add an extra professional look and feel to your venue but also contribute to a more safety feeling what is offcourse very important these days. Our Clublockers are available in every RAL color you can think off. Every Clublocker has labeling and numbering in your corporate identity.


  • Stainless steel Clublockers with reinforced doors from 2mm steel plate.
  • Produced in the Netherlands
  • Measurement Clublocker unit: H x W x D ; 195 x 60 x 50cm
  • Measurement Clublocker medium locker: H x W x D ; 24 x 29 x 49cm
  • Measurement Clublocker large locker; H x W xD; 35 x 29 x 49cm
  • De Clublockers are provided with a 10 cm height pedestal
  • Standard with A-brand coin lock with cashier function
  • Coinbox for max 55 coins.
  • Ventilation holes in the back of the Clublockers


The installation and delivery of the Clublockers are taking care of from A to Z. We are delivering throughout Germany and the UK. We set a date with you for the delivery. After that the Clublockers are delivered and installed by one of our mechanics.


Are there technical problems or a defect ClubLocker? Our maintenance team is standby 24/7. And most of the times the malfunction is taken care of the next day. We also offer a free monthly maintenance plan.


As a club owner you can’t expect that all of your visitors bring coins. To prevent long lines of visitors to change their cash, we offer you a free Coin Machine. This machine can be used to change letter money to coins which can be used for the Clublockers.


  • Your visitors experience excellent professional service;
  • Your visitors can enter/leave the venue faster;
  • Thus faster/more/longer consumption;
  • Each visitor carries his own responsibility for their belongings;
  • Your venue has a better flow through of visitors, this has a positive effect on the image of the club;
  • Free monthly maintenance plan
  • Free Coin changing machine
  • Start earning extra money from day 1 when your automated cloackroom is installed


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